How You Can Tell If A Vacuum Is Durable

One of the most common questions asked before purchasing a vacuum is: how long will ______ (insert vacuum name) last? Unfortunately, that is a very tricky question that can’t always be answered without the help of a crystal ball. However, there are a few signs that you can look at which will give you a good indication of how long you can expect the vacuum to last.


While not always the case, most manufacturers don’t want to warrant their products longer than they expect them to last. As such, many times you will see a direct correlation with warranty length and quality/cost of the vacuum cleaner. For example, Dyson isn’t going to warranty their DC25 All Floors vacuum for 5 years if they built it to only last 3-4.

However, length of warranty isn’t the only detail to pay attention to. Also check what the warranty covers. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Is the warranty limited (and what is it limited by)
  • Does it cover both parts and labor
  • Do you have to pay for shipping to/from the manufacturer if it breaks
  • Do you take the vacuum to a service dealer to get it fixed
  • What parts of the vacuum does the warranty cover (some warranties only cover the motor, others will cover additional parts)

One trick to pay special attention to: sometime’s manufacturers will cover the vacuum for a certain amount of time, but make you pay for shipping to and from their repair location.  Shipping a vacuum is not cheap, and by forcing you to pay the shipping they basically make it much more attractive for you to simply go and by a new vacuum instead of getting your old one fixed.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on sites like, Walmart, Sears, and Consumer Reports are great places to find out what potential problems you might have with a specific vacuum model.  If you see patterns appear across sites for the same problems, then that can be a fairly reliable indicator of what you can expect to potentially see.  For example, if you see 2-5 customers on three different sites complaining about the wheels breaking on the vacuum after just a few weeks, then you will want to make sure that problem is covered under the warranty – or stay away from that model.

You can also read our reviews on each model – we try our best to point out potential issues on each vacuum that we test/review in an effort to help you make a good, informed decision regarding durability before you purchase your vacuum cleaner.  We also give the vacuums we review a ‘Durability’ rating that hopefully can be used as a guide to start your search.




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